Welcome to the 2022 Qualitative Methods Workshop hosted by the the National Institutes for Health (NIH) Fogarty Center's Global Health Program for Fellows and Scholars. This is the fourth year that this workshop has been offered- and the second time were will be using a virtual format. The number of attendees has significantly increased each year, reflecting the growing interest in qualitative methods research training. Our goal is for you all to walk away understanding the basics of study implementation and data analysis in qualitative research (materials providing a general, basic introduction to general qualitative methods is available on the Pre Workshop Content page).  As this is an introductory level study implementation and data analysis workshop, attendees should view this as an opportunity to orient themselves to the vast body of knowledge in these areas and identify their next steps for training.

Attendee Requirements

This workshop is designed for those seeking an introduction to the practical dimensions of qualitative research study design and individual interview or focus group data analysis. Attendees should be planning to engage in some form of qualitative research as part of their fellowship project.

A basic understanding of qualitative research is necessary; preparation resources have been provided for those with no or a limited background in qualitative methods. Specifically, these videos and suggested readings will to ensure that everyone shares a basic understanding of qualitative research prior to the start of the Virtual Workshop sessions. Similarly, relevant readings will also be provided to supplement each virtual session's content. It will be assumed that all attendees will have completed the required resources in advance of our virtual workshops.